What we do

In order to have clean rivers in San Cristóbal de Las Casas.....

We are in the process of developing a decentralised but integrated plan for the sanitation of the city, taking into account the different types of wastewater deposited into pipes, final use of the treated water, generation of activated muds, odour emission, greenhouse gas emissions, the available space to build a variety of Wastewater Treatment Plants (ranging from river cleaning islands to wetlands), the different technological options, investment costs, resources for operation and maintenance, personnel requirement, community engagement and capacitation, and above all the approval of those that will be benefited in order to advance the plan.

This will involve a lengthy consultation process with all interested stakeholders: government authorities of all levels, educational institutions, concerned NGOs and the citizen of San Cristobal.

Concurrent with the development of this plan, we are in the preliminary phase of a pilot project located in 2 city suburbs to demonstrate to the community the benefits that a sanitation system, using nature's technology that can be operated by everyone, which has low environmental impact and is designed for long term sustainability, will bring.